Aurinkovoimaa verkossa 300 GW

Global grid-connected solar PV additions reached 75GW in 2016, a 50% year-on-year growth from 50GW in 2015, reaching now a total capacity installed globally of more than 300 GW, according to the PV Market Alliance (PVMA).
China, surpassed all expectations, having installed an absolute world record of 34 GW last year, or an increase of 126% YoY and 45% of total global installed capacity. PVMA estimates that China will have exceeded the 100 GW mark by the end of this year, if not even earlier. The US and India also experienced strong growth, with an estimated 13GW and 5 GW respectively added in 2016. India is likely to add up to 8-9GW this year. Europe installed around 6.5GW, driven mainly by the UK, Germany, Turkey and France, accounting now for less than 10% of the global share.  [emp]

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