St1: Otaniemen geolämpölaitos epäonnistui

Fortum irrottautuu hankkeesta. Fortum ei pidä 6,4 kilometrin syvyistä lämpökaivoa taloudellisesti kannattavana, koska lämpökaivosta ei saatukaan pumpattua ylös riittävän lämmintä vettä. Alun perin tarkoituksena oli syöttää vesi suoraan kaukolämpöverkkoon, mutta kokeissa osoittautui, että ylös tulee vain kädenlämpöistä vettä. Ja Investointi tekniikkaan on moninkertainen suhteessa vaihtoehtoisiin tapoihin, kuten teollisuuden hukkalämpöön.

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The fire that consumed the 122-room hotel project occurred the evening of April 12, when no construction workers were on site. A fast-developing blaze consumed a hotel under construction in Camarillo, Calif. The fire, which was reported shortly after 7 p.m., is believed to have started on the third floor of an uncompleted four-story hotel.



Ethiopia has begun generating electricity at its new 5,000 MW roller-compacted concrete gravity-type dam on the Nile River. The first 375 MW went to the national grid on Feb. 20. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed switched on the first of the 13 installed turbines at the $4.8-billion hydropower plant—also known as Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, ታላቁ የኢትዮጵያ ሕዳሴ ግድብ in Amharic—as he sought to allay fears the facility could impact the Nile’s flow to downriver countries Sudan and Egypt.

This is the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa. The 145-m-high, 1,780-m-long dam with 74 billion m3 reservoir could take up to seven years to fill. [ENR]

Vertailun vuoksi: Juuri avautuvan ydinvoimalaitoksen Olkiluoto 3 teho on 1,600 MW.



 In face of a French-led push to revive nuclear power in Europe, a group of five EU countries led by Germany have banded together to urge the European Commission to keep nuclear out of the EU’s green finance taxonomy.

“Nuclear power is incompatible with the EU Taxonomy Regulation’s ‘do no significant harm’ principle“, says the joint declaration for a nuclear-free EU taxonomy signed by Austria, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and Portugal.

“We have plenty of evidence of how dangerous nuclear power can be,” said Leonore Gewessler, Austrian minister for energy, at a side-event at COP26 in Glasgow on 11 November. [EMP]


Chenab Bridge - Suomalaisten suunnittelema huikea silta Intiassa

The bridge is one of the last major elements of the new 272-kilometer Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Railroad that will connect the Kashmir Valley with India's national network at a point north of the city of Jammu. Started more than 20 years ago, the USBR includes around 900 bridges of various types and more than 110 km of tunnels.

The bridge's design/build contract was awarded to Chenab Bridge Project Undertaking (CBPU) in 2004. For overall design, CBPU hired the small Finnish firm Consulting KORTES Ltd., which has since been acquired by WSP Group. Germany’s Leonhardt, Andrä and Partner became the subconsultant handling the bridge's detail and erection designs. For bridge information modeling, WSP adopted Finland-based Tekla Structures.

The whole fascinating ENR story can be found here (6p, 0.95MB).

Rakentamista kuvaava suomenkielinen paperi löytyy tässä (8p, 5.89MB).



IEA: Electricity demand growth will require more fossil fuel production. 

The demand for global electricity is growing faster than renewable energy capacity and therefore will require more power to be generated from fossil fuels. That’s according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), which found renewable energy is not expanding quickly enough to meet the strong rebound. [emp] 



 Olen vuosien varrella monesti kirjoittanut raidemaniasta, joka lähinnä punavihreän ideologian myötä esiintyy kolmena oikoratana, Jäämerenratana, Tallinnan tunnelina ja Helsingissä Pisaratana ja Kruunusiltoina. Näistä viimeksimainittu on kallis pelkästään ratikoille (ja kevyelle liikenteelle) tarkoitettu usean sillan hanke. Kun asiasta päätettiin 4-5 vuotta sitten oli hankkeen kustannusarvio 430 MEUR. Nyt kun rakentamisen pitäisi alkaa kustannukset ovatkin tuplaantuneet lähes 800 MEURoon.

Pormestarikautensa viime hetkillä on Jan VAPAAVUORI pannut alulle selvityksen asiasta; selvityksen tekee KPMG. Hyvä niin!



 The United Kingdom will start work to create a regulatory framework for supporting research and development of nuclear fusion technology to enable the delivery of clean and safe energy, the government said on Tuesday in response to a report from an independent expert committee on regulations.

The Regulatory Horizons Council (RHC) published on Monday a report in which it recommends that the UK champion the way for a non-fission

nuclear approach by setting out and consulting on a vision of how the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Environment Agency could develop current regulations and put the best framework in place for the technology to flourish.

Although nuclear fusion has been long recognized as totally carbon- and by-product-free and the source atoms in hydrogen are abundant on Earth, replicating fusion energy generation on Earth has been a challenge. That’s because this fusion needs to take place at extremely high temperatures that create hot plasma and because researchers have struggled to obtain more energy from those plasmas than the energy input to run them.

The UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) is building the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP), a prototype fusion power plant, which it hopes will be the world’s first prototype fusion power plant by 2040. Private industry is also developing concepts and securing commercial investment.

“The Government agrees with the RHC that the lower intrinsic hazard of the fusion process when compared to fission is an incredibly important factor in considering the regulatory framework for fusion,” Amanda Solloway, the UK Minister for Science, Research, and Innovation, said.

Last week, the UKAEA announced a possible breakthrough in nuclear fusion technology, in which an experiment in the UK achieved at least a tenfold reduction in the heat on materials on the key fusion machine components. An innovative exhaust system was found to handle the intense heat during the fusion reaction, which would allow components to last much longer and potentially make compact fusion power plants commercially viable, the UK government said. [emp]



Helsinkimafian vetäjien Jan Vapaavuoren & Jussi Pajusen Matti Vanhasen tuella läpiajama Sipoon kaappaus 2007 päättyi nyt totaaliseen fiaskoon. Kaapatulle 44.5 km2 alueelle piti tulla 80,000 - 100,000 asukasta ja 15,000 - 40,000 työpaikkaa ja vielä metrokin. Mitään ei tullut.

Nyt Hesan toimialajohtajan Mikko Ahon mukaan voimavarat keskitetään 2016 kaapatun Malmin lentokentän alueen suunnitteluun asuinkäyttöön. Odotettavissa on toinen yli 10 vuoden kamppailu, josta Hesalle jää luu käteen.