Suomalainen aaltovoimala Balille

A 10MW wave energy park will be constructed in Bali by a Finnish clean energy firm, named Wello, which received first commercial wave energy park order from Gapura Energi Utama, an Indonesian infrastructure firm. Wello energy company affirmed that the facility will generate zero emissions, likely to become the biggest wave energy park globally. 
Penguin wave energy converter of the site can operate in difficult ocean conditions thanks to the way it floats on the surface of the water. Wello also says that the plant will make no visual or noise pollution. Once the firm will obtain full permission from authorities, it will start delivery and construction process. According to estimations, the final permission is likely to be obtained at the end of 2018. 
Heikki Paakkinen, CEO and Founder of Wello, declared: “I am extremely proud that our long-term development work is now rewarded with this order. The cost of energy generated with Wello Penguin is already very competitive compared to offshore wind energy and in serial production we aim for a further 50% cost reduction.” [emp]

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