Skanska satsaa perovskiittiin

Sweden-based builder Skanska this week said that it has secured a deal that will allow it to begin covering office buildings with perovskite solar cells on a commercial scale. Skanska said it signed a licensing agreement that gives it exclusive rights to use Poland-based Saule Technologies’ solar cell solutions. According to Skanska, initial implementation tests will begin in Poland this year.
Saule Technologies has been working on the application of ink-jet printing for making free-form perovskite solar modules since 2014. Last November, at IDTechEx Show in Santa Clara, Calif., the company presented a flexible, printed, perovskite photovoltaic module the size of an A4 sheet for the first time.
“Scaling up the size of perovskite solar cells is one of the biggest challenges for companies and researchers working with this technology,” Olga Malinkiewicz, co-founder of Saule Technologies, said in a November 2017 statement.  [rew]
Suomessakin perovskiittiä tutkitaan, mutta taidetaan olla jälkijunassa.

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