Hawaii: Kilauean purkaus uhkaa geotermistä voimalaitosta

NBC reports that workers at Ormat Technologies' Puna Geothermal Plant on the Big Island of Hawaii are taking precautionary measures after a new volcanic fissure opened up near the facility. Earthquakes started on the island April 30, and it was soon followed by volcanic activity. After the frequency of earthquakes increased dramatically, plant personnel closed and secured the facility per the emergency response plan. [rew]
The wells run as deep as 8,000 feet (2,438 meters) underground at the plant, which covers around 40 acres (16 hectares) of the 815-acre (329.8 hectare) property. The plant has capacity to produce 38 megawatts of electricity, providing roughly one-quarter of the Big Island's daily energy demand.
Native Hawaiians have long expressed frustration with the plant since it came online in 1989; they say it is built on sacred land. Goddess of fire, Pele, is believed to live on Kilauea volcano, and the plant itself is thought to desecrate her name. Other residents have voiced concerns over health and safety.  [enr]

Olin paikalla1990, kun meilläkin suurta mediahuomiota saanut Kilauean purkaus tuhosi Kalapanan pikkukaupungin ja katkaisi Hawaii-saaren ympäri kulkevan valtatien.

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