7 km korkea rakenne Meksikonlahdelle

Total and ExxonMobil will drill the first deepwater well in a block offered at a Mexican hydrocarbon auction held in October. The energy firms have found a potential ultra-deepwater structure named Etzil at Block 2 of the Perdido Fold Belt, Mexico's National Hydrocarbon Commission. Total and ExxonMobil has predicted Etzil has 50% possibility of having as much as 2.7 billion barrels of oil equivalent(boe).
As the block’s operating structure, Total presented CNH two exploration programs. The first is drilling only Etzil-1 with a total depth of 7,000 meters. The second plan is to drill Etzil-1 and another well at the end of 2020, each with a depth of 4,900 meters. [emp]

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