Ruotsi 0-emissiokilpailun kärkeen

Sweden established 09.01.2017 a target of phasing out greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, among the most ambitious by any developed country and disregarding ambiguity
about climate change policies under U.S. President Donald Trump.Seven of eight parties in the Nordic nation's parliament - all but the far-right Sweden Democrats - decided to endorse a law in the future months to require governments to fix stricter objectives to reduce fossil fuel use every four years towards the 2045 cut-off.  [emp] 

Viereisestä kuvasta näkyy CO2-emissioiden määrät 2015. Kiina, USA ja Intia ovat omilla luvuillaan, Ruotsi ja Suomi mikrotasolla.

19.02.2017 min Kimmo Tiilikaiselle tuli kiire julistaa Suomelle sama tavoite (sic).

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