Argentina: Tuulivoima voitti huutokaupan

Wind was the cheapest source of energy in Argentina’s first power auction after the country implemented reforms designed to transform its fossil fuel-dependent grid.
The minimum price for wind power reached $49.10/MWh (0.044 EUR/kWh) in the auction, Sebastian Kind, undersecretary for renewable energy, told reporters in Buenos Aires on Friday. Solar power came in at $59/MWh (0.053 EUR/kWh), biomass was $110 (0.098 EUR) and hydropower projects were $111.10 (0.100 EUR). [ren]

Suomessakin pitäisi lopettaa tuulivoimatuet ja siirtyä kaikille avoimiin energia-huutokauppoihin. Ja, ettei unohdu, aurinkoenergian nettolaskutukseen.

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