USA: CHP rakennusten energiansäästöön

US launches CHP accelerator scheme. The US Department of Energy has launched a programme designed to accelerate the uptake of combined heat and power (CHP) in the nation. As part of the national Climate Action Plan, the Better Buildings Initiative
aims to make commercial, public, industrial and residential buildings 20% more energy-efficient over the next decade.
Under its rubric, the new Better Buildings Combined Heat and Power for Resiliency Accelerator, announced last week, aims to boost investment in CHP projects across the country. In collaboration with states, communities, utilities and other stakeholders, the project plans to examine how resiliency planners perceive CHP, identify technology or information gaps that could be barriers to adoption, and develop CHP plans for communities. [dec]
EUn tavoin (http://energiatyhmyrit.real.fi/2016/02/eun-ensimmainen-h-ja-energiadirektiivit.html) myös USA on innostumassa CHPstä. Meillä taas CHP on hätää kärsimässä edullisempien lämpöpummppujen puristuksessa. Pumppu tuottaakin lämpöä paikallisesti (distributed energy), ja se on EUn RES-direktiivin mukaisesti uusiutuvaa energiaa; toisin kuin Hesan kivihiililaitokset. 

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