E.ON tarjoaa akkuja aurinkoenergian käyttäjille

E.ON is planning to launch a residential PV-plus-storage offering for the German market in April, the company has confirmed. The product will be based on Solarwatt’s MyReserve battery systems, which went on sale last year.

“We will collect feedback from the market and from customers, and then fine-tune the product,” said E.ON’s vice president of battery systems, Eliano Russo. “The final launch will be in September.”
MyReserve battery Germany’s second-largest energy company said it has not confirmed pricing for the product, but MyReserve is being sold in the country for between $7,600 and $9,780, depending on the size of the solar panels purchased. The price includes the PV panel, battery, inverter, electronics and sales tax.

The battery can be scaled up to 11 kilowatt-hours, comes with a 10-year warranty, has a 100 percent depth-of-discharge, and 93 percent round-trip efficiency.  It can last from 12-15 years with daily cycling.

The solar-and-battery system, which is aimed at both the residential and small-to-medium-sized enterprise sectors, is based on lithium-ion battery technology.  [dec]

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