Englanti luopuu hiilineutraaleista asunnoista

The zero carbon homes policy was first announced in 2006 by the then-chancellor Gordon Brown , who said Britain was the first country to make such a commitment. It would have ensured that all new dwellings from 2016 would generate as much energy on-site – through renewable sources, such as wind or solar power – as they would use in heating, hot water, lighting and ventilation. This was to be supported by tighter energy efficiency standards that would come into force in 2016, and a scheme which would allow house builders to deliver equivalent carbon savings off site.
However, both regulations were axed by the government on 10 Jul 2015. The scrapping of the two regulations was designed to “reduce net regulations on house builders”.   [Guardian-enr]

Radikaali esimerkki normitalkoista. Tässäkin kuitenkin näkyy se erinomainen piirre, että Briteissä rakentamismääräysten perustana on CO2-päästöt, ei primäärienergian kulutus kuten meillä. Muistutankin siitä, että Suomessa sähkön primäärienergiakerroin on 1.7, kun vastaava CO2-kerroin on vain 0.3.

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