Maailman suurin tuulivoimapuisto rakenteille Englannissa

Britain’s homes are set to be powered by the world’s largest wind turbines towering 853ft (260m) tall with blades that extend 351ft (107m). The futuristic turbines will be built on Dogger Bank Wind Farms, an artificial island 130km off the coast of Yorkshire in the North Sea.
The turbines will power 4.5 million homes annually – the equivalent to five per cent of the UK’s electricity generation. Developers say a single turbine can power 16,000 homes, making it one of the most efficient turbines in the world.
Dogger Bank is set to be the largest wind farm in the world with a combined capacity of 3.6GW. Construction is set to being in early 2020 with the first electricity to be produced in 2023.
The Haliade-X turbines – which have been developed by Paris-based company GE Renewable Energy – will be connected by electricity cables to the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium. [emp]

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