EUn uusi sähkömarkkinadirektiivi tulossa

EU Directive proposal for the internal market in electricity was issued 30.11.2016. Several new and renewed subjects are defined and regulated, selected definitions below:

Article 2 Definitions

6. ‘active customer’ means a customer or a group of jointly acting customers who consume, store or sell electricity generated on their premises, including through aggregators, or participate in demand response or energy efficiency schemes provided that these activities do not constitute their primary commercial or professional activity;
7. 'local energy community' means: an association, a cooperative, a partnership, a non-profit organisation or other legal entity which is effectively controlled by local shareholders or members, generally value rather than profit-driven, involved in distributed generation and in performing activities of a distribution system operator, supplier or aggregator at local level, including across borders;

25. ‘energy from renewable sources’ means energy from renewable non-fossil sources, in particular wind, solar (solar thermal and solar photovoltaic), geothermal energy, ambient heat, hydropower and tide, ocean, wave energy, and combustible renewables: biofuels, bioliquids, biogas, solid biofuels and combustible wastes of renewable origin;
48. 'energy storage' means, in the electricity system, deferring an amount of the electricity that was generated to the moment of use, either as final energy or converted into another energy carrier.

Suomen tuliterä energia- ja ilmastostrategia hylkäsi kohdissa 6 ja 7 mainitut asiat, ei tiedä mitään kohdan 48 asiasta, eikä muutoinkaan täytä direktiiviehdotuksen vaatimuksia. Katso myös http://energiatyhmyrit.real.fi/2016/12/suomen-sahkomittarit-maksoivat-800.html.

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