San Francisco: Kaikki sähkö uusiutuvista 2021, nyt aurinkopaleelit pakollisiksi

San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Scott Wiener released a statement 19 Apr 2016 saying that the board has approved a law that will require new residential and commercial buildings to have solar panels installed on 15% of roof area. The effort will support the city’s goal to be powered completely by renewable energy by 2021.
The installation can include either solar PV or solar thermal panels and builds on an existing law that requires builders to ensure that at least 15% of roof space on new buildings be “solar ready.” [ren]
Suomessa aurinkosähkö ei etene, katso http://energiatyhmyrit.real.fi/2016/02/finsolarin-tavoitteet-nettolaskutus.html.

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