Kiina ohitti Euroopan tuulivoimassa 2015

Kiina ohitti viime vuonna EUn rakennetun tuulivoiman kokonaiskapasiteetin. Kiinan total oli vuoden lopussa 145.3 GW.
China Added 30.5 GW of Installed Wind Power Capacity in 2015
China’s new installed wind power capacity reached 30.5 GW in 2015, representing a significant growth of 31.5 percent from a year earlier, according to statistics released by the Chinese Wind Energy Association. The increase was mainly due to a policy lowering the country’s feed-in tariff for wind power in 2016. For the fifth year in a row, Goldwind Science & Technology ranked first with a wind power installation capacity of more than 7 GW, followed by Envision Energy, Mingyang Wind Power, United Power and CSIC (Chongqing) Haizhuang Windpower Equipment.
China has become the world’s largest wind power market in terms of both new and aggregate installed capacity. The country’s wind power market is dominated by domestic players, with 23 Chinese wind power companies occupying a combined market share of 97 percent. The National Energy Administration of China said that the country in 2016 aims to deploy more than 20 GW in wind power installation capacity.  [ren]

In 2015, the 28 EU member states connected a total of 12.8 GW of wind power to the grid, according to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). Wind accounted for 44 % of all new power installations, with 9,766 MW onshore and 3,034 MW offshore.  [emp]

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