Sähköauton akku täyteen 8 minuutissa

This week at Hannover Messe, ABB launched what it says is the world’s fastest e-vehicle charger. The Terra High Power charger can charge up to 350 kilowatts, which translates to about 200 kilometers of range for an EV, in just 8 minutes, according to the company.
ABB said that its chargers are being installed around the world, and they have recently been selected for use by Electrify America, the biggest electric vehicle infrastructure project to date in the United States. The new charger is ideally suited for use at highway rest stops and gas stations.  [rew]
350 W * 8 min = 47 kWh. Tätä voi verrata akkuihin Nissan Leaf 30 kWh ja Tesla S 100 kWh. Laturi ei kuitenkaan sovi kotikäyttöön eikä juuri mihinkään autoonkaan toistaiseksi.

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