Englanti: Ei enää tukirahaa aurinkovoimalle

A solar power farm running without a government subsidy opened 26 Sep 2017 in Great Britain, eastern England, due to more accessible renewable energy as costs are significantly decreasing. Coal and nuclear plants planned to close in 2020s need to be replaced, therefore Britain has to invest in new energy capacity.
The cost of solar panels and batteries fell remarkably over the last years, and the first subsidy -free development at Clayhill is an important step for clean energy in the UK, as announced by the minister for Climate Change and Industry, Claire Perry. 
The electricity generation of the 10 megawatt (MW) solar farm, in Bedfordshire, Clayhill, is enough to power 2,500 homes. It also has a 6 MW battery storage facility.For the sake of reducing increasing renewable subsidy costs, the government gave up on new subsidies for solar projects and onshore wind during the last years.  [emp]

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