Nord Poolille sakot sähkökilpailun vääristämisestä

Three power exchanges have been fined on Wednesday by EU antitrust regulators for approximately 6.9 million euros because of the anti-competitive practices impeding Europe’s plan to establish an integrated energy market.
Nord Pool Spot (NPS), Norwegian spot power exchange, received a 2.33 million euro penalty, while EPEX Spot, based in Paris, obtained a 3.65 million euro penalty for the accord not to compete with each other for minimum seven months in 2011 and 2012. The fines handed out by EU competition supervisory body to Nord Pool Spot and EPEX were reduced by 10% after their confession of participation in the union. Nord Pool Spot, covers power trading in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Estonia, and German-French EPEX, based in Paris, manages the power spot markets for Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland.

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