V2G: Ilmaista sähköä sähköautoihin

Nissan today said it is expanding its collaboration with German utility E.ON in Europe to advance its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology so electric vehicle (EV) owners can charge their cars for free.
Under the new initiative Nissan and E.ON will explore opportunities on pilot activities and commercial offers related to V2G services, renewable energy generation and storage solutions, as well as grid integration for Nissan electric vehicle customers.
“We’re on a mission to break down every barrier to EV ownership. This exciting partnership with E.ON is another step on that journey,” Paul Willcox, chairman of Nissan Europe, said in a statement. “Our goal is for Nissan to be recognized as the go-to automotive partner for energy services, with the ultimate ambition to provide free electricity for our EV customers.”
Nissan said that its partnership with E.ON will use a V2G infrastructure and Nissan’s bi-directional charging technology and allow customers to draw energy from the electricity grid to power their EVs. They can also ‘sell’ that energy back to the grid for others to use, ultimately representing zero fuel costs for the customer.

The car company at the end of February joined a group of organizations that are seeking to understand how to reward drivers who use their electric car batteries to support the U.K.’s power grid. The V2GB—Vehicle to Grid Britain study will identify how to incentivize a rapid roll-out of V2G technology by sharing revenue from supporting the grid with stakeholders, such as drivers of electric vehicles, owners of smart chargers, owners of charging sites, and aggregators of battery capacity.  [rew]

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