Chile: Aurinkosähköä 0.026 EUR/kWh

The Spanish developer Solarpack Corp. Tecnologica won contracts to sell power from a 120 MW solar plant for 29.10 USD/MWh at an energy auction this week. That’s the lowest price on record for electricity from sunshine, surpassing a deal in Dubai in May. It’s the cheapest to date for any kind of renewable energy, and was almost half the price of coal power sold in the same event.
The location for this particular power plant is also a factor, in northern Chile’s Atacama desert. It’s high in the Andes, close to the equator and is considered one of the sunniest and driest places on Earth. It’s ideal for solar energy.  [Blo]

Suomessakin pitäisi lopettaa tuulivoimatuet ja siirtyä kaikille avoimiin energiahuutokauppoihin. Ja, ettei unohdu, aurinkoenergian nettolaskutukseen.

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