Englanti: Saat rahaa kun käytät sähköä kesällä

A dozen British firms will be paid to use power under a scheme National Grid will start next month intended at balancing the system in summer, when production is high from green energy sources such as wind and solar.  The firms will be paid 0.015 GBP/kWh (0.019 EUR/kWh) for taking part in the scheme. They will be paid an extra 0.060-0.075 GBP/kWh (0.076-0.095 EUR/kWh) if called upon to perform. In 2014 National Grid paid 10 million pounds to wind power producers to halt output when electricity demand was low to guarantee the system was not oversupplied.
Meanwhile green electricity production in Britain is increasing. It represented a record 24.7% of the nation's generation in 2015.  [emp]

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