Kiinalaiset aurinkopanelit rangaistusverolle 12 => 47 %

EU seuraa USAn mallia ja suojelee omaa aurinkoenergiateollisuuttaan rankaisemalla tuontia Kiinasta:

The European Commission has decided on May 8 to impose import duties on Chinese solar panels in a move which aims to curb China's dominance of the market. The decision, while meant to protect European producers against cheap imports, could risk disappointing China.

Chinese solar panel producers could face import tariffs of up to 68% in the European Union, with tariffs that will vary from 37% to 67.9% and is probable to come into effect by June. EU commissioners supported EU trade chief Karel De Gucht's proposal to levy the provisional duties by June 6 and make Chinese solar exports less attractive. A Chinese solar panel manufacturer responded with anxiety to the European Commission's announcement of new tariffs on China's solar companies starting in June.

The investigation is the biggest the Commission has ever launched, although Brussels is trying to tread a careful path, as they needs China which is the EU's second largest trading partner, to help exit from recession. Trade specialists from all the European Union countries will be meet on May 15 in Brussels, and are probable to support the decision, even if their position is non-binding. The EU duties will come into effect once the Commission will publish the decision in its Official Journal. Chinese solar panel production increased significantly between 2009 and 2011, with EU producers declaring that Chinese companies have captured more than 80 % of the European market, exporting 21 billion euros ($27 billion) to the European Union in 2011.

According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association in 2012, Germany was the world's biggest market, followed by China, Italy and the United States with Germany that has installed more solar panels than any other country in 2012, at 7.6 GW of newly connected systems, while China has installed 5 GW. [emp 10.05.2013]

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  1. European officials have decided to impose provisional anti-dumping tariffs on solar modules, wafers and cells imported into Europe from China, in a move that could unleash a trade war between two of the world's largest economies.

    The decision came despite German opposition to the course of action, as Germany is considered by far China's biggest trading partner in the EU. The European Commission will impose a tariff of about 12 per cent on the import of solar panels, cells and wafers this week that will increase to an average of 47 per cent in August unless an agreement is reached with China in the next 60 days. China, the world's largest producer of solar panels, is blamed by the EU of dumping them, or selling at improperly low prices, and hurting European competitors. Chinese exports of solar panels to Europe amounted 21 billion euros in 2011.

  2. USAssa Kiinasta ja Vietnamista tulevat panelit pantiin rangaistustullille jo vuosi sitten. EUn hitaus näkyy jälleen: tulli tuli vasta kun puolet eurooppalaisesta aurinkopaneliteollisuudesta oli jo kaatunut!


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