Uusiutuvan energian rakentaminen väheni 11%

World green energy investments decreased in 2012

Investments in green energy decreased in 2012 worldwide after hitting record levels in 2011, according to some data released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). Investments tumbled mainly due to the debt crisis in the U.S. and Europe and as governments slashed incentives for technologies ranging from wind turbines to solar power and biomass.

Overall investment was 269 billion dollars, down from 302 billion dollars in 2011 but still the second highest level ever and was five times the level in 2004. Investment plunged 32 % in the U.S., 51 % in Italy, 68 % in Spain and 44 % in India. Meanwhile, in South Africa, Japan and China investments augmented, with China registering an increase of more than 20%.

All sectors of the renewable energy industry experienced a crash in investment with the exception of small hydro, which boosted 17 % to 7.6 billion dollars. Solar industry was the most funding with 142.5 billion dollars of the total, a slide of roughly 9%, followed by wind with 78.3 billion dollars (-13%), while biomass and waste-to-energy investment plunged 27 % to 9.7billion dollars.

Total clean energy investment for 2012 fell 11% to 269 billion dollars, being the second most successful year on record for the global clean energy sector.

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